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Leaky chimneys can cause moisture damage to the point that bricks fall into the chimney and clog it up (commonly seen in older homes that are not lined) or an animal builds a nest in the chimney clogging it up. Whatever the case maybe, if the chimney is clogged there is a problem with the airflow, which could result in no heat and hot water or a more severe type of leak — carbon monoxide.

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Your chimney can become clogged for many reasons. If a cap doesn't cover the flue, it is extremely easy for birds, squirrels, and other critters to crawl into your chimney bringing with them a significant amount of nesting materials. These materials can completely block your flue, preventing the chimney from drafting correctly. Additionally, this material is highly flammable. If you think that your chimney is clogged or in need of maintenance, let us take a look before the problem becomes dangerous.

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What could be clogging your chimney?

As mentioned before, animals and their nesting materials are the primary cause of clogged chimneys. Leaves and debris are also a cause of chimney clog. Because of the location of your chimney, these materials can build up in and around your chimney year round. Creosote, the byproduct of burning wood, is also a cause of chimney clog. Over time, creosote builds up on the sides of the flue and the firebox system. This blockage can result in flue fires or potentially a whole house fire. A buildup of 1/18-1/14” is more than enough to create a fire hazard. Regular cleaning helps prevent against the accumulation of creosote. If the chimney is clogged, it will keep smoke and combustible gas in the home rather than letting them out. This can lead to many health risks and an increased risk of fire.

Considering the risks of having a clogged chimney, we encourage you to let us inspect your chimney today. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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