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“Cricket” is the term for a water deflector that is installed where the roof rises from the chimney. It is an excellent idea for a steep roof or chimneys more than 30 inches wide. As the rain runs down the roof toward the chimney, the cricket moves the water to the sides and on down to the gutter.

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At Emberstone Chimney Solutions, we know how to prevent against severe water damage due to water pooling at the base of your chimney. Our solution is something called a chimney cricket. If you are experiencing issues with leaking, the chimney cricket could be the perfect solution for you.

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What’s a chimney cricket?

A chimney cricket, also called a roof cricket, is a ridge structure designed to divert water on the roof. It is usually built on the upper back side of a chimney. This cricket sheds rainwater away, rather than allowing it to beat down onto the side of the chimney that is most susceptible to water penetration. It is helpful because it directs water around the chimney rather than letting it pool at its base.

Why install a chimney cricket?

Chimneys are the main cause of most leaking in homes, and this can usually be tied to problems with the sheet metal flashing. The pooling water can cause severe damage and deterioration. Because chimneys are such a potential trouble spot, consider letting Emberstone Chimney Services install a chimney cricket. At Emberstone, we correctly install chimney crickets to prevent against damage from ice melt or water penetration.

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