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That sloped layer of concrete, the chimney crown, is what keeps water from damaging the mortar in the bricks beneath it. It also seals the gap between the liner and the outside chimney. When it has little cracks, the freeze-thaw effect makes those cracks grow bigger. It’s like losing shingles on the roof. If your crown is damaged, there will be leaks.

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Chimney crowns are supposed to protect the chimney from deterioration due to water exposure. Properly installed chimney crowns achieve this by extending over the walls of the chimney structure. The main cause of a leaky chimney can be the result of a cracked chimney crown, which our trained professionals can repair or replace if needed. If you have a cracked chimney crown or your chimney crown needs repair, contact us!

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What is a chimney crown?

  • A chimney crown is a large slab that covers the top part of the chimney. Unlike a chimney cap that is usually made of metal and covers the opening of the flue, the chimney crown covers the entire top of the chimney. Chimney crowns are usually made of metal, stone or concrete.
  • They should be made of the strongest material available so that it can easily withstand years of weather, abuse, and exposure to the elements. It keeps out moisture, and, if adequately build, will stand the test of time.
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What do I do if my chimney is damaged?

Water can easily absorb into the chimney and trigger many issues that will cost you money in necessary repairs. Water weakens your structure and can lead to rot, rust, cracks, and holes.

You need to keep your crown and chimney protected, so that water troubles don’t arise.

Chimney crown damage can often be hard to spot because it is impossible to see it from the ground. Instead, this damage can only be detected during chimney sweepings or inspections.

Poorly maintained chimney crowns can develop cracks or holes that allow water to enter the flue or the firebox.

Chimney crown repair is made easy with the professionals at Emberstone. The experts at Emberstone guarantee their work and aim to build chimney crowns that protect the chimney and fireplace system while also matching the design of the home.

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