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Deteriorating mortar and masonry

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The Chimney Safety Institute Of America says water and your masonry chimney is a dangerous mix. The result of prolonged water contact rusts metals in the stack structure, and the porous masonry holds water that allows mold in warm situations and the freeze-thaw effect when it’s cold breaks down the integrity of your building.

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At Emberstone, we are equipped to handle any mortar or masonry repairs needed. Whether your chimney needs partial or full replacement, you can count on us. Below is more information about the type of masonry repairs we provide.

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Masonry repairs

Although masonry chimneys are durable, poor construction and extended exposure to the elements of weather can lead to damaged bricks and mortar joints. Masonry materials are naturally porous meaning that they can quickly absorb water from rain or melted ice or snow. Even well-built chimneys suffer from the perils of water damage. One neglected water leak can lead to the collapse of the entire structure.

If you need masonry repairs, you need an experienced mason to make these repairs. Emberstone is proud to provide mason chimney repair services from our expertly trained technicians.


Typically, older homes were built with lime mortar. This mortar is incompatible with the mortar used today. This means that it is crucial to use the right materials when repairing damage in older homes. At Emberstone, we use tuckpointing techniques to ensure that the new mortar matches the strength and color of the preexisting mortar. After removing the damaged mortar, special pointed tools are used to tuck new mortar in between the bricks to reinforce and restore structural integrity.


As mentioned above, one neglected water leak could potentially lead to the collapse of the entire structure. If the water damage is severe, this could mean that the whole structure can’t be salvaged. If this is the case, let us safely remove your old chimney and replace it with a new one.

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