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Inadequate flashing

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The flashing is supposed to be the flexible connection between your chimney and roof that lets each side expand or contract without making a gap between them. If the flashing needs to be repaired or replaced, you will see leaks around the chimney.

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Chimney flashing repairs are essential for the safety of your chimney and your home. If you believe that your flashing is in need of repair, give us a call today!

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What is flashing?

Flashing is material that serves as the seal between the roofing material and the chimney. The area around the chimney at the rooftop is protected with metal strips called flashing. Flashing prevents rainwater or snowmelt from running down the chimney into living spaces where it can damage ceilings, and walls. It can also cause rot in rafters. Flashing should be designed to allow both the roof and the chimney to expand and contract without breaking the waterproof seal.

Why is it important?

If flashing is improperly installed, it could lead to leaking and further water damage. This is also true of damaged, deteriorated or torn flashing. Water runs along the rafters of your home which can make it seem like your roof is leaking when it is possible that it is coming from the area where the roof and chimney meet.

Flashing repairs

Over time, small entry points for water can form. This is when caulk is required to fill the cracks. Our Emberstone experts, conveniently located in Asheville NC, are available to fix your flashing immediately.

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