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Rusted chase cover

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Often when the builders install prefabricated fireplaces, they will install a galvanized chase cover which sits flat on top of the chase. When snow sits on top of it, it weighs it down and allows water to puddle up causing the galvanize chase cover to rust out and allow water to leak into the house. A certified chimney repair company can install a new stainless steel chase cover which won’t rust and is pitched to allow the water to run off.

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Chimney chase covers keep water and debris out of your chimney chase. Poorly designed and poorly installed chase covers cause significant water damage inside homes. When it comes to chase covers, Emberstone Chimney Solutions always recommends stainless steel. They won’t rust, they won’t leak, and they are always carefully measured and installed. If you have a rusted chase cover, consider letting us install one of our extended lifetime, reliable chase covers.

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What is a chase cover?

A chase cover, also known as a chase top, is the cover that protects the top of your chimney. This is to keep out the animals, debris, and elements. It fits over the top of the chimney like a lid. Often, if the chase isn’t stainless steel, overexposure to water will cause it to rust.

Getting a chase cover repaired

Chase cover repair isn’t necessarily an urgent repair, but it should be taken care of promptly. The rust damage will only continue to worsen until holes form and water penetrates the flue of the chimney.

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