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Solution 3.4 | Wood stoves by Enerzone

Solution 3.4 | Wood stoves by Enerzone

Effectively Heats:
Customer Rating:

The Solution 3.4 is the ultimate device for people who want all the power possible from a wood heating system. Its huge 3.7 cubic-foot firebox holds 22-inch logs and provides an outstanding burning time. This appliance also has a baffle moulded in C-Cast, a light and revolutionary refractory material that guarantees exceptional durability.

The weighted average of particulate emissions produced by this appliance comes to less than 3.8 g/h, making this stove one of the cleanest units in its range. Check out the technical specifications of the Solution 3.4 to find out more about the many features, including a 3/8'' steel top and a blower, that make up this unique product - and make the dream your own.

Discover the additional qualities of the Enerzone Solution 3.4 wood stove


Government incentives may apply to this product.

98% of the last 50 homeowners who have registered their warranty are satisfied with this product.

Heat Output:
Max Burn Time:
10 Hours
Max Log Size:
22 Inches
Physical Dimensions: (L x W x H)
33.5 × 28 × 35.125 in


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